natrual deodorant cream trace

We stand for transparency, and below is the list of all our ingredients and their benefits on your skin

We use coconut oil in our deodorant which acts as a skin protector and also has wound healing benefits. Furthermore, ricin oil and arrowroot have multi-purpose functionalities: they act as a natural moisturizer, promote antimicrobial activity on your skin, eliminate toxins and reduce odors. In addition to the oils, we have added Jojoba oil. This oil has a myriad of benefits: it is a deeply hydrating component, provides nutrition to your skin (full of vitamin E, B and natural minerals), soothes dry skin and has also an anti-microbial benefit. As for our active ingredients (the ones that hides your smell/ body odor), we use Zinc Oxyde, sodium bicarbonate and Kaolin (white clay). Kaolin clay does not only prevent you from body odors but also helps your skin to detoxify.

Sweating skin

We often get asked: why does your natural deodorant not prevent us from sweating? That is right! Our all-natural deodorant will make sure that you do not have a bad smell, but will promote your armpits to continue to sweat. Sweating is extremely important for your armpits (and your body as a whole) as it is a cooling mechanism and also helps your body to eliminate toxins. The sweat itself does not smell, but it is the natural bacteria located under your armpit, mixed with sweat, broken down to a molecule called thioalcohols which makes your armpit smell.