Swiss quality natural deodorant cream


Swish is 100% developed and produced in Switzerland. We only use hand-picked Bio and organic products from the best sources to produce our natural deodorant. We do not take shortcuts and our all natural deodorant cream is certified to be free of all chemicals; no parabens, no aluminum and no alcohol, guaranteed.

Not only is our product free of chemicals but it is as effective, if not more, than industrial alternatives. One application on your armpits can suffice for up to 48 hours. Because of our effectiveness a small pea sized portion of cream is enough for both armpits, and a 30ml tube can easily last up to 60 days at daily use.


We have submitted the list of all our ingredients to the team at Yuka to get an expert and objective opinion of our natural deodorant formula, and the result speaks for itself. Our natural deodorant got a score of 100/100 and is classified as a risk-free cosmetic. You can find a full list of ingredients here.

convenient natural deo creme sugarcane tube


Convenience is important for us. Our small tube is super light and easily fits in any pocket or hand bag. It also  perfectly fits in your hand luggage when taking a flight. Our formula is developed so that there is no cream residue on your fingers after application. No oily tubes and no need to wash your hands!