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Natural Deodorant Cream Swish

Natural Deodorant Cream Swish

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Natural Deodorant Cream. No aluminum, no alcohol, and no parabens.

Our natural deodorant cream is made from a selection of hand-picked natural vegetable powders, clay and organic oils. Our team has carefully selected all ingredients to make the best natural deodorant available on the market today. Our formula is highly effective, hides all odors, whilst soothing and detoxifying your skin.

Swish is the right natural deodorant for women and men, who are looking for an organic alternative to the conventional deos out there.

How to use our natural deo

Scoop a small amount of our natural deodorant cream with your index finger tip (half to a quarter of the amount of the size of a green pea) and gently apply it onto your underarm. Make sure to rub it gently for almost 10 seconds for maximum effectiveness.

Info: effects can vary from person to person. If you are used to using a classic anti-transpirant or non-natural deodorant, your body might need a few days to adapt to it. Our deo is highly effective and a 30ml deodorant tube usually lasts for approximately 60 days. Please do not hesitate to visit our FAQ page to find out more about our natural deodorant.


Cocos nucifera oil*, Maranta arundinacea*, Ricinus communis*, Zinc oxide, Simmondsia chinensis*, Kaolin, Sodium bicarbonate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Sorbitan Stearate, Cetearyl Glucoside, Copernicia cerifera (carnauba) wax*, Glycerin*. Find out more about our ingredients & benefits.

*Certified organic.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Kelly D.

Ce déodorant est génial. Je l’ai pris avec moi en Asie où il faisait très chaud et humide. Aucune odeur désagréable. C’est rassurant d’utiliser un déodorant qui est efficace et sain.

Nice product although I preferred the original mixture

Good customer support & thorough R&D going into this product. We preferred the original mixture with the essential oils as we liked their smell but the key functionality in terms of preventing smell is great. Sadly if you apply too much of the product or don't rub it in completely, there is a chance that the clay within it leaves some stains in clothing, not ideal but they are washable.

Thomas Cremese
Excellent déodorant naturel sans odeurs qui ne laisse pas de traces

Fini les gels et les sprays plein de produits toxiques - je cherche depuis un moment un déodorant naturel qui ne laisse pas de traces et qui marche vraiment toute la journée. Depuis peu j'ai essayé Swish et j'ai été agréablement surpris. Le petit tube a duré plus d'un mois et je n'ai appliqué le déo que 1 ou 2 fois dans la journée. Il n'y a pas d'odeur ou de parfum, ça ne laisse pas de traces et je sue moins qu'avant. Testé pendant la canicule, c'était top. Au début, j'avais des doutes sur la crème versus les sticks et autres déos naturels ; cependant, à l'usage quotidien, la crème marche mieux et se révèle plus pratique. Bref, très content de mon achat, du coup je m'abonne pour être livré tous les mois.

Très bonne découverte

Ravie de mon achat. Envoi très rapide et produit hyper efficace ! J'ai essayé énormément de déodorants
naturels avant ça et soit ils n'étaient pas à la hauteur de mes attentes niveau résultats, soit ils m'irritaient
énormément les aisselles. Après trois semaines d'utilisation, je suis pour le moment 100% conquise et
j'espère que cela va continuer comme ça !


Au top !

bioplastic packaging

Eco-friendly packaging

Our tube is made out of sugarcane and is 100% recyclable. Our commitment to make a positive impact on planet earth starts with our packaging. It is for those reasons that we opted for a plant-based tube to offer the most eco-friendly natural deodorant to our clients.

Healthy skin

The benefits of using an all natural deodorant

Most of us are using deodorant on a daily basis. For those reasons, it is highly recommended to use a product free from all kinds of chemicals such as aluminum, parabens or alcohol. In order to provide you with the best natural deodorant, our team has carefully selected ingredients to not only give you a natural deodorant that works and is highly effective, but also, which is beneficial for your armpits, if you have sensitive skin. Our deodorant works whether you shave your armpits or like it hairy.

For example, we use coconut oil in our deodorant which acts as a skin protector and also has wound healing benefits. Furthermore, ricin oil and arrowroot have multi-purpose functionalities: they act as a natural moisturizer, promote antimicrobial activity on your skin, eliminate toxins and reduce odors. Finally, kaolin clay stops odors and detoxifies your armpits. Find out more about all our ingredients and their benefits.